Market Match-Up: A Spin, Search, and Sort Game

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Spin to win! Collect a rainbow’s worth of colorful fruits, vegetables, and healthy treats from the market. The player with the most items in their basket wins the game. But watch out for the wriggly worm or you’ll have to miss a turn!
Market Match-up, by Petit Collage, combines a memory game with a market theme. Spin the spinner to determine which color produce you need to find from the face-down pieces. You can turn over only one piece to see if it matches. If not, you place it back down but try to remember where it is for matching later in the game. You need a good memory and some luck with the spinner to win! A fun sorting element comes in at the end of the game, where kids can set up their market stall with everything in the correct order to gain extra points.
Perfect for 4 players, ages 4+. Includes 4 Market Match-Up baskets, 35 grocery pieces, 1 spinner, and instructions.
Spread out the 35 grocery pieces face down on the table. Each player takes a Market Match-up basket.

Grab Your Groceries Gameplay (ages 4-6):
The youngest player spins first. If the arrow lands on a color, your aim is to find a grocery piece of the same color. Pick up any face-down piece. If the color matches put it in your basket (example: arrow lands on yellow, pick up a banana, add to the yellow section of your basket). If the color does not match, show the piece to the other players and return it face down anywhere on the table.
If the arrow lands on the wriggly worm, you miss a turn.
Play passes clockwise to the next player. Continue like this for the rest of the game, collecting groceries as you go until no more pieces are left on the table.
Each player counts the groceries they have in their basket. The player with the most groceries wins!

Market Match-up Gameplay (ages 6-8):
Follow the steps of Grab Your Groceries gameplay. To determine the winner, count the groceries you have in your basket. If you have 5 groceries of the same color, place them in the matching section of the market stall to win 5 bonus points. You can trade groceries with other players to collect a set of 5. A maximum of 2 trades can be made per player for any number of pieces (example: you could trade 2 blue pieces for 2 pink pieces, or 2 yellow pieces for 1 green piece, etc.). Add any new sets of 5 to the market stall to win bonus points.
Each player adds up their total, including bonus points. The player with the most points wins!
Finally, all players add their remaining pieces to the stall, leaving it full and ready for market day.