No Bear Anywhere

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A young boy learns to cope with disappointment and embrace the unexpected in this infectiously charming, beautifully illustrated picture book.

When his family takes a walk on Bear Creek Trail, Bruin is determined to spot his favorite animal (a bear). Before too long, he notices something! It's a . . . pinecone! Not a bear, but that's okay. A few minutes later, Bruin stops again: He's seen a . . . flower! No bear anywhere, but there's still plenty of time. Eventually, they make it all the way to the . . . cave!

But when there is no bear anywhere in the cave, Bruin is as sad as could be. Can he turn his day around, even when there's no bear?
Or, wait a minute-was a bear there, after all?!

Leah Gilbert's gorgeous art shines in this playful and charming story about finding wonder and joy in the world around us, even when life takes unexpected turns.