Chilly 5 Second Summer Snack

Chilly 5 Second Summer Snack

5 second summer snack

I'll be honest. Summer isn't my favorite season. I know I tend to be in the minority with that opinion but I can't help it! I don't like hot + humid days, the mosquitos here can be unbearable, and as a self-confessed homebody it seems like all we do in the summer is run run run!

All that said, I will admit that summer has one perk that I can get on board with: the food. We grill a LOT in the summertime and I really enjoy all the delicious produce we get from my in laws gardens and other local farmers. Add to that all the fresh and delicious fruit that seems to abound in summer and I guess I have to concede that summer is alright. Speaking of fruit (nice segue, right?) one of my favorite summer snacks is frozen grapes.


That's it. Frozen grapes.

They take what feels like 5 seconds to make and they're perfect when you feel like the sun is going to melt your face off.

I always do a soak of white vinegar and water on my produce and then a rinse with fresh water (I have no idea on proportion, just whatever feels right that day). Lay them on a towel to dry (or pat dry if you're impatient like I am) then toss in freezer safe container or baggie. If you plan to share these with your kiddos it's easier to cut the grapes up ahead of time. I like to quarter them because I've heard too many horror stories about whole and halved grapes causing a mom to have to use her Heimlich skills. And I can only envision trying to cut frozen grapes ending poorly as well.

So if you're in the mood for something less messy than popsicles but still with the chill factor, now you're set. I'm always looking for new snack inspo so I'd love to know what your easy summer snack go-tos are! Please share!

xo, A

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