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    Valentine's Reading List for Toddlers

    Valentine's Reading List for Toddlers

    Similar to many of the "hallmark" holidays I just wasn't really connecting with Valentine's Day until I had kids. The BOOM I want to decorate my home with hearts, add pink streamers to every.single.thing, put love notes in lunch boxes, and create a collection of books all about loving yourself, your neighbor, and our world. While all the fluff is SO FUN, mostly I want my girls to grow up knowing and celebrating that Valentine's Day is about showing love to all people and to theirselves. #lovemore

    Here are our favorite books celebrating love. 

    valentines reading list for toddlers and baby

    1. I Love You as Big as the World | 2. Love is a Truck | 3. Love is | 4. 1, 2, 3 You Love Me | 5. Love is a Tutu

    We have these titles among lots of other sweet little treats to share with your littles this Love month both online and in the Mankato, MN headquarters shop! 

    Bumbelou shop valentines for toddler and baby gifts

    STEM Reading List for Toddlers

    STEM Reading List for Toddlers

    STEM books for toddlers
    I adore encouraging my girls to explore their world and find learning opportunities around every corner. With the launch of our handmade STEM themed clothing capsule we thought it would also be fun to share our favorite STEM books too in a little round up. 
    If you are local and would like to join us for some STEM fun at the shop be sure to check out our calendar of upcoming events! 
    And shop the full collection of STEM inspired handmade clothing, toys, and books here. 

    October Reading List for Toddlers

    October Reading List for Toddlers

    October reading list for toddlers by Bumbelou


    Sir Simon, Counting with Barefoot Critters, Girmelda's Spooktacular Pet Show, A Werewolf Named Oliver James, One Leaf Two Leaves, Sumpkin, and Grimelda the Very Messy Witch. 

    I adore changing up our reading every season. It gives me something new to read and to talk about in a household where princess play time tends to take over. Our favorite witch for two years running has been Gimelda. I love how these books have great rhythm and rhyme, add in adorable illustration by Heather Ross and it's easily the book I'll pick every time in October. 

    All these titles and more can be purchased online and instore at our retail headquarters: Bumbelou 405 N. Riverfront Drive, Mankato, MN



    Avoiding the Costume Conflict and Finding Balance in DIY.

    Avoiding the Costume Conflict and Finding Balance in DIY.

    I was so excited when my friend Rachal reached out to me about putting together a blog post about making Halloween easy on mom's! I love her take on mixing a little DIY with purchasing pieces that are practical and will be used again and again to build a homemade costume. My girls are being easy this year as they both requested to be a princess of which we own a handful of dresses for, but growing up our costumes where very much as Rachal presents and it is what I'm intending to do next year when I get requests for other characters. I would love to know what you do. Plan ahead? DIY? 11th hour run to Target? 

    - Jenna


    Halloween- As parents, it’s one more holiday to plan and prep for that has just as good a chance of resulting in tears as it does in gleeful play. You know what I’m talking about especially if you're raising toddlers: Costumes. They cost you a pretty penny, are worn for only one day, and it never fails- at the last minute, your toddler decides that they don’t even like their costume!

    Here’s my advice on how to avoid the costume conflicts:

  • Create Buy-In: Every year, I let my daughter choose her own costume. I know that sounds risky, but I offer some very strong suggestions of things I think she might like (that are doable and appropriate) and also have veto power if she gets too off-the-wall. In addition to that, I try to let her go shopping with me when putting the outfit together and do my best to include her on the things I DIY. We spend time purchasing each piece or making it ourselves, which adds a little excitement throughout each step of the process.

  • Coordinate if you can: Lucky for me, Melody is still very much in love with her little brother! On his first Halloween, he got to be the big bad wolf to her Little Red Riding Hood. And when her dad suggested she be Owlette from PJ Mask and Cedar be Catboy, she was ALL IN! Not only does this help with the excitement when the costume is initially chosen, it helps prevent the last-minute costume change since they need each other as side-kicks- at least that’s what I plan to tell her this year when she changes her mind around October 28th.
  • goldilocks and wolf toddler pair costumes by bumbelou

  • Skip the throwaway costumes: We all know that a off the shelf costume will be worn one day and then will fall apart the next. 

  • I like to be crafty using a mix of things we have, regular staple clothing, and finding accessories that can be purchased by themselves or easily DIY’d … hello Pinterest! I focus on the main pieces being clothing staples, either purchased and re-worn over and over, or even something found in your kids’ closets already.

    For Melody’s Owlette costume, I did both of these things. I looked into an Owlette costume online. I even checked it out in the store, justifying that it could be worn in her dress-up collection for the whole year, but it looked like it would fall apart within the month. So… off to Pinterest I go…

    I decided to make the wings and mask out of felt and wear some easy basics to complete the look. I found this long-sleeve red shirt in her drawer (I honestly didn’t know she owned it… this kid has so many clothes) and then knew I could get some high-quality leggings from Bumbelou that she would wear all winter long. The Design Your Own section had just the right shade of red!

    owlet costume for toddlers

    That got me thinking about all the different costumes you can easily create with some simple basics that can be re-worn over and over. So if you’re having trouble deciding on a costume or don’t want to shell out for just one night,  here are some ideas:

    rosie the riveter baby and toddler costume

    Shirt / Jeggings 

    simple witch costume for toddlers

    Black Dress / Socks and Hat from Target Dollar Spot

    cheetah costume for baby

    Leopard Bodysuit / Leopard Dress / Leopard Leggings 

    And at the end of the day no matter if you are running to target to dig for a costume at the 11th hour or have been thoughtfully planning for months, I hope you have a super spooky, fun and safe Halloween. 

    - Rachal Depuydt 


    Rachal is a working mom of two littles (Cedar, 1 and Melody, 4) trying her best to find that elusive “balance” in motherhood. She combats the busyness of life with weekend pajama parties, baking from scratch, and the occasional frozen pizza for dinner. In her spare time, she likes to sew and DIY as many projects as possible and sometimes gets to hang out with her husband while they both fall asleep in front of the TV.

    Business Giving Back: Coconut Whisk

    Business Giving Back: Coconut Whisk

    Today's interview is with Coconut Whisk, a local to us baking mix company started by two cool cats making vegan, nut free, soy free, gluten free, cruelty free treats which also gives back to the voiceless. It’s been super fun to watch Bella and Myles grow Coconut Whisk and cheer them on through all the big wins they’ve had this year. Get to know them today on the blog and follow them on social where they share their love of health, wellness, and personal inspiration

    Join us on Instagram 7/10 - 7/12/18 for a sweet giveaway with one winner getting $20 gift certificates to both Coconut Whisk and Bumbelou! 


    coconut whisk vegan baking co

    • When + how + why did your business begin?

    I got the idea for Coconut Whisk in the middle of a shower on January 10th 2018. The idea made me feel electric and so I pursued it relentlessly after consulting with my partner, Myles. We grabbed a big white poster board and started the process of creating a startup. We took baby steps and it grew from there.

    I always wanted to launch a vegan business but didn’t know what. Through blogging and creating vegan recipes, I’ve realized that I want to share this passion on a whole new level. We felt like the idea for Coconut Whisk aligned really well with our lifestyle and values so we took dived right in!

    vegan cookies by coconut whisk

    • Did you always know that giving back was going to be part of the mission of your business?

    Absolutely. Our pledge to give back to the voiceless keeps us moving forward, even on the hardest of days. Knowing that what we do is not just for the benefit of us, but for others, is what gives us the momentum and energy we need when things feel overwhelming.


    vegan baking mix company coconut whisk

    • What advice do you have for someone contemplating opening or starting their own business?

    I say if it FEELS right, go for it. If it feels exhilarating, expansive, joyful and aligned with your values and visions for your life, SAY YES. But don’t do it because you want to label yourself as a “business owner” or “CEO” or “Entrepreneur. It’s not glamorous on most days and it’s really hard work. But it’s worth it if you’re having fun. Also, dig deep to understand the genuine WHY behind your potential business.

    vegan pancakes coconut whisk

    • Do you have a personal mantra/quote/affirmation/motto that you use to help guide you in your daily life and decision making?

    “Always forward.” The word forward has so much hope and love in it. I’ve used it since my dance and performance days and it’s been a mantra that keeps me centered and always grateful for the possibilities ahead.

    baking vegan with kids

    • What is one of the best or most beneficial habits or practices you have as a business owner?

    Ahh, having an hour or two in the morning for ME. This is my sacred time to take care of myself so that I can show up as my best for others and Coconut Whisk. I like to journal, meditate, do yoga, read and organize during those early hours.

    - Bella + Myles 

    Find Coconut Whisk Online:

    kids baking vegan

    Thank you Bella and Myles for sharing today! My family absolutely loves your treats and the easy experience of baking vegan together. You can read more from our Business Giving Back series here as well as the story of why Bumbelou was started with a mission of profit sharing to help children. 

    Join us on Instagram 7/10 - 7/12/18 for a sweet giveaway with one winner getting $20 gift certificates to both Coconut Whisk and Bumbelou!