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    Coming Up Rainbows

    Coming Up Rainbows

    It’s a good day around here when Mom buys the “good cereal” aka the colorful, sugary kind, ha! Alma couldn’t believe it when I brought a box of Fruit Loops home from the grocery store. Little did she know, it was for a craft! But of course I let them gobble up the extras, because why not?! 

    I got a little nostalgic when making this craft with Alma, because I remember making it with my older kids when they were little! It’s always been a fan favorite around here. 

    Supplies needed:



    -Fruit Loop cereal

    -glitter or cotton balls for clouds (Alma opted for glitter, but cotton balls make for fun, fluffy clouds too!)


    I draw the rainbow outline on the paper, one for each color. Next, follow over your outline with glue. I just did one arc at a time so she wasn’t dragging her hand though a bunch of glue!

    Now let your little one go to town! This is an opportunity to practice color recognition, sorting, counting, and fine motor skills! Who knew they could be working on so many skills all while doing a cute little craft?! And of course, snacking a little along the way.

    Once your rainbow is complete, add on glue plus glitter or cotton balls for your clouds, and let it dry.


    Easy peasy! Enjoy!



    Dreaming of Spring- Book Picks

    Dreaming of Spring- Book Picks

    Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, am I right? I was so proud of myself for really enjoying this winter...until I wasn’t. Those below zero temps the last two weeks did me in and I am over it. I can feel the itch for Spring down in my bones. The desire is starting to creep out into refreshing/rearranging my home decor, ogling the flowers at the supermarket, and I even cracked my car windows down (just a smidge) while I was driving today. I don’t care what the old groundhog said, I’m wishing for Spring! But if winter is going to stick around for awhile yet, I’m going to fake it till I make it.

    One way I do this (for every season and holiday) is by switching out the books in our home. It’s such a small task, but we all get excited and I can see the shift in our mindset when we remember all the delights that are waiting just around the corner for us!

    These are some of our most beloved favorites, year after year.

    A Tale For Easter- If you’ve never delighted in a book by Tasha Tudor, do yourself a favor and add this book to your collection asap. 

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit- Such a classic! My kids LOVE the movie version of this book too!

    The Secret Garden- Another classic that we love!

    Tiny, Perfect Things-This is one of my daughter's favorites! Follow a young girl as she goes on a walk and discovers all kinds of tiny, perfect things!

    Outside Your Window-Nature, critters, and poetry combined with darling illustrations.

    When Spring Comes- A great transitional book for the tiniest of readers!

    Today- This is one of my all time favorite books! Today is full of possibilities! You get to choose from darling illustrations of what would make your day perfect for you!

    And as always, you can find loads more books over at Bumbelou and here!

     Hang in there friends...and if you need to, fake it till you make it!






    Reading & Diversity

    Reading & Diversity

    Reading & Diversity for children

    Let’s talk books, diversity, and why they are important. First it takes an entire community to make changes in how we think about society, culture, and people. I am sure you’ve heard this a million times, especially recently. I am not here to belabor this message, rather just share a few reasons why we, yes we, should be reading diverse books.

    The first thing to point out is, research shows when children of all abilities, cultures, beliefs, and skin colors see themselves represented positively, it builds their self-esteem. It also allows for the children reading the books to learn a person’s ability, culture, belief, and/or skin color is not what makes them special. There is more to a person than what we see.

    Rudine Sims Bishop, a published children’s author, believes, “Literature transforms the human experience and reflects it back to us, and in that reflection, we can see our own lives and experiences as a part of the larger human experience. Reading, then, becomes a means of self-affirmation”. Why is this so important? Things like home life, school, environment, and the books we read influence us as humans. Our sense of identity, value, and agency are all impacted by the world around us and choosing a book that represents the larger world around us will not only validate the belief in oneself, but it can start to build the connection of what it means to be, a valued member of society.

    As children grow and become more curious, it will allow for visibility or rather a curiosity about current events. Curating positive and very real discussions in a safe space. Giving children the opportunity to learn about differences in age, race or ethnicity, ability or even socioeconomic status. We want to encourage community building and understanding the similarities; kids are kids, no matter how different their backgrounds!

    Here are a few of my favorite books:



    Hi I’m Anesih!! I started out as a Bumbelou Customer and fell in love. I have been a part of the Bumbelou team since October and have loved every minute of it. Outside of Bumbelou, I am a Mama to a beautiful 2 year old, Ellis. Literally the day Ellis was born, I told my husband, Jake, we need to move closer to your family and you need to make it happen. 

    As you get to know me more, you will see I have a passion for all things related to children, and have a background in Early Childhood Education. I am excited to be able to share that passion with you, through Bumbelou.

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    Date Your Kids

    Date Your Kids

    Getting to spend time individually with each of my kids has been tricky over the last year because, well, we don’t really go anywhere anymore. Not to mention that all of our old favorite outings look different under our given circumstances. I know I’m sure feeling pretty cooped up lately, and I can see that my kids need space away from each other. With my mindset shift at the start of the new year, and waning to really be intentional in all areas of my life, I knew I needed to find creative ways to spend time with each of my kids. So instead of giving them Valentine gifts this year, I’m giving them a “date jar”.

    Some of the ways that we’ve been enjoying time together are:

    -picking up donuts from our local bakery and having a “picnic” in the car.

    -alternating one kid each week to accompany me while grocery shopping.

    -There is one day each week where just my youngest is home with me for a few hours while the rest are at school. We call them “Mommy and Alma” days and I try really hard to focus on playing with her instead of cleaning and doing laundry. 

    -Making a pit stop at the gas station after school to grab a treat. 

    So what exactly is a date jar? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. I just used an empty jar and cut out some paper hearts, and I wrote down date ideas on them. I’m not entirely sure if I’ll have them each pick one at the start of the week, or as we find little pockets of time to spend together. It will probably be some of both. In addition to the ideas we’ve already been doing, here are some others I included:

    -Go for a walk together.

    -Find an adventure (I imagine hoping in the car and finding a new place to explore).

    -Find a “Free Little Library” or two and look for a new book to read together.

    -Try a new recipe/bake something. 

    -Make art together (my kids LOVE when we sit down to draw and/or paint with them).

    -Build a fort. Add twinkle lights inside.

    -Have a tea party.

    -Try a new braid or hairstyle.

    As warm weather comes around again, I’ll add in things like playing at the park, going to the zoo, going for a bike ride, planting flowers...ah, doesn’t that sound like Heaven?!

    There aren’t any wrong ideas here. The purpose is to spend intentional time with your kids one on one, away from distractions like our phones, to do lists, and possibly pesky siblings. My kids are sooo different when they are away from each other, and I learn so much about them when we have uninterrupted time to chat and listen. 

    What are some of your favorite ways to date your kids?