How to Grow A Rainbow!

How to Grow A Rainbow!

Last week was our Spring break, and we kept busy with lots of fun activities. My kids loved this science experiment we did, and we wanted to share it with you! How to grow a rainbow:

Supplies needed:

-paper towel

-washable markers

-two identical glasses 

How to:

1. Fold the paper towel in half.

2. Cut off about 1/3 of the paper towel.

3. Draw the rainbow colors on one end of the paper towel in rectangular blocks. Go over the colors a few times with the markets to make sure there is enough due to travel up the paper towel.

4. Repeat on the other end, making sure to line up the colors with the opposite end.

5. Pour water into the two glasses, filling about 3/4 full.

6. Place the two ends of the paper towels into the cups. 1/2 of the rainbow blocks should be in the water. Do not fully submerge the entire colored portion of the paper towel in the water. 

7. Watch the colors travel up the paper towel. They will eventually connect and make a rainbow!

To further the experiment, test different brands of paper towels and absorbency. You can also play around with how much dye you color on the ends of the paper towel.

Have fun! 





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