Many Hands Make Light Work

Many Hands Make Light Work

free sew at home mask kits

We have carefully been asking ourselves what we can do to help…. And our answer comes this week as we hand out free sew-at-home mask kits to our community.

Each kit will include fabric and elastic to make 12 masks along with sewing instructions and suggested places locally to donate them. We know that these may not be a perfect solution and definitely are not in replacement of PPE for those on the front lines of covid19, but we hope that they can work good in this battle to help our community and especially to free up supplies for the health system.

Please help us get the word out!

We will be handing out pre-packed kits on Saturday March 28th from 12-2pm at Bumbelou - 405 N Riverfront drive. Please stay in your vehicle and just park in front of the store along riverfront drive in Old Town. We will approach your vehicle as soon as we can and hand you a kit through the window.

We anticipate having approximately 100 kits and will limit it to one kit per vehicle as to try to share this work load with as many people as possible! Many hands make light work.

** Edit 3/27/2020 - We have ordered enough elastic for about another 700 masks. When that arrives we will be looking for 100% cotton fabric donations to assemble another group of kits. Please call us at 507-779-7000 if you have fabric on the bolt that you are willing to donate. 

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