Seeing and Loving - A Way to Greater Self Acceptance

Seeing and Loving - A Way to Greater Self Acceptance

self love through self acceptance

In 2018 I'm trying to focus on healing some past pains by learning to love myself more, not on improving or trying to be someone I am not, but by the simple act of taking myself as is. Taking it all in and loving. It's hard. My friend Megan Osburn recently shared the most beautiful post on how she spent $10 and revolutionary improved her self acceptance in a way that encouraged me to be braver with my own. I hope that you too can find inspiration in her writing. 
- Jenna 
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healing through self love for moms

From Megan:

A few months after my third baby I went into a mothers room at church to change a diaper. I had been in this mothers room countless times for nursing and diaper changes because it was my third baby in three years. This time though, something new was in the room. A full length mirror. When I caught a glance of my 30lbs heavier self in that full length mirror I was appalled. Horrified. How did I get that big? When did that happen? 

If I had seen anyone else looking exactly like me I would have accepted them as they are and not had a second thought about it. So why was this sight so appalling? Because it was unfamiliar. I expected to see myself as I was a year prior and much lighter. 

Very soon after this incident I put a full length mirror in the hallway that I most frequent in my home. I never wanted to be caught by surprise by my appearance again. That simple $10 mirror has done more for my self-acceptance than anything else. I see myself every day multiple times a day with leggings or sweats on, my hair a mess, and no make up on. Not posing. Walking, rocking my baby, chasing my kids. So now when I envision myself that’s who I see. I have become familiar with what I look like every single day. 

I found self acceptance which has grown into self love by familiarizing myself with who I truly am. Not avoiding myself at bad angles or horrible hair days. 

Has anyone else given this method of self-acceptance a try? I highly recommend it. I think if the decision to love yourself has been made, most people would benefit from looking in the mirror more often. It still takes time, and at first it’s hard, but it’s a good way to get familiar with yourself. 
- Megan Osburn
You can follow Megan's beautiful work on IG  at megosburnphoto / My favorite is her 2018 resolution to be in the frame more often and how she often shares her heart on business, motherhood, and self love. 
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