St. Patrick’s Day treat

St. Patrick’s Day treat

Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away....! My kids have been counting down for weeks and are SO exited for St. Patrick’s Day! They’ve been busy planning and drawing out their trap ideas...literally they cannot wait! Yesterday, my boys were off of school and the weather was a bit nasty, so we found ourselves stuck inside most of the day. They were getting a little squirrelly and needed something to do, so on a whim we whipped up these festive Rice Crispy treats. Now, I know I didn’t reinvent the wheel here or anything, but I did score some major mom points with my boys, so that was a

We followed the recipe on the rice crispy box (3 tbsp butter + a bag of mini marshmallows + 6 cups cereal), and just added in lucky charm marshmallows at the end, and on the top! I know you can buy bags of the fancy marshmallows somewhere, but we just picked ours out from the cereal...a perfect job for little hands. 

Now we have a fun little treat to enjoy while we try to (patiently) wait for St Pattys Day! 



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