Summer Beach Reads

Summer Beach Reads

For me, if reading was a season it would be summer. I absolutely love reading, but finding or making the time for it the rest of the year is hard for me. We're about two weeks in to summer break (4 since our regular extra curricular activities concluded) and I've already burned through a stack of books. The first four or five that I read were soooo good that I just couldn't stop! Now I'm reading one that I'm having a hard time getting in to. I told my oldest daughter that I'm at a crossroads and either need to plow through and hope it gets good, or abandon ship and pick up one of the other five books waiting in my stack! Friends, first and foremost, let me give you permission to abandon a book. There are too many good books out there to waste your time on one that you're not enjoying. There are no rules when reading, except to enjoy it!

These are the books I've read recently that I really enjoyed! I should mention my preferred genre is romance, mystery, and historical fiction. I hope you see something here that might catch your eye and inspire you to read this summer

In Five Years

The People You Meet On Vacation

Beach Read

The Last Thing He Told Me

This Time Next Year

I also have quite the list requested from the library. I am so excited for many of these!

Reunion Beach

28 Summers

The Newcomer

That Summer

The Most Fun We Ever Had

I hope your summer is off to a great start, and that you are carving out time to do the things that bring you joy!






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