Science for Littles: Dinosaur Eggs

Science for Littles: Dinosaur Eggs

Summer has arrived, hot and sunny! With last week's high temps, I found myself digging for creative ways to keep my kids cool and busy. We did the usual swimming, sprinkler, water balloons...but sometimes it's nice to have a little down time where were a little more still too! I brought out this activity, and it was a hit!

Supplies needed:


-small figurines


-liquid droppers 



-Place figurine inside of a balloon

-Fill the balloon with water, tie shut

-Place in the freezer until frozen solid (several hours or overnight)

-Once balloon is frozen solid, remove the balloon from the "ice cube". Make sure to discard all balloon pieces safely.

Set your kids up, preferably outside, with the dinosaur eggs, bowls of warm water, liquid droppers, and let them go to town! The goal is to melt the ice to "hatch" your dinosaur! There are so many fun extensions you could do with this activity too...pretend you are an archeologist digging for dinosaur fossils, experiment with what makes ice melt (salt, hot water, leave it sit in the warm sun). You could try a few experiments and record/compare how long it takes for the egg to hatch-which method works best? Why? Or at the very least, let your kids cool down on a hot summer day!




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