Travel Tip: pack a first aid bag

Travel Tip: pack a first aid bag

With all the illness circulating around lately, it seemed appropriate to share this travel tip with you today: Packing a first aid kit!

Nobody plans to get sick while on vacation, but life happens and we can't always prevent it! I like to have a little bit of everything with me so that I am somewhat prepared for several different scenarios.

Here's what's in my bag:

Wet Ones: I am the crazy lady on the plane who wipes down our seats and trays. 

Hand Sanitizer: always and forever!

Motion Sickness Oil Roller: My oldest is very prone to motion sickness, rubbing this on her neck and wrists helps her a lot!

Thermometer: In case a fever creeps in.

Oscillococcinum: I don't even know how to pronounce this one, but it saved my family when we all got hit with Influenza A a few years ago. I keep it stocked always, just in case. It helps shorten the duration of the illness. Yes please!

Electrolyte Packets: I like that I can easily mix these with a bottle of water if one of my kids should become sick. They are also great to stay hydrated while spending a day in the sun!

Ear Relief Drops: Nothing is worse than having clogged ears, whether it be from air plane pressure of after a day of swimming.

Histaminum Hydrochloricum: Another big one I can't pronounce easily (its made by the same company as Oscillococcinum, Boiron) but its basically a natural allergy relief. One of my kids struggles with seasonal allergies, so this is nice to have on hand for when something triggers her. 

Chapstick: I can never get enough!

Band aids: What can't be solved with a band aid? I love the patterns on these Welly brand ones from Target. 

Bug Bite Essential Oil Roller: I'll never forget one year when we were attacked by "no see ums" in Florida. We itched ourselves until our legs were bruised and bleeding, ouch! This roller helps take the sting out of bug bites. 

Cough Drops: the change in air pressure always leaves me with a dry throat.

Tylenol and /or Ibuprofen (children's and adults): I don't always reach for this first, but I carry it with me in my car, my purse, and while traveling. 

Nail Clipper: I've needed one more often than not, so I finally just tossed one in my kit!

This kit might not save me from every ailment imaginable, but it definitely eases my mind to be prepared, and buys me some time until I can get to a pharmacy should I need something more. What am I forgetting? What's in your first aid kit?



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