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  • For the love of the library

    For the love of the library

    Its no secret I love books...books for myself and especially books for my kids. We have so many books, and I love changing them out seasonally. I had an itch to add some new titles to our collection this summer...

  • Science for Littles: Dinosaur Eggs

    Science for Littles: Dinosaur Eggs

    Summer has arrived, hot and sunny! With last week's high temps, I found myself digging for creative ways to keep my kids cool and busy. We did the usual swimming, sprinkler, water balloons...but sometimes it's nice to have a little...

  • Summer Beach Reads

    Summer Beach Reads

    For me, if reading was a season it would be summer. I absolutely love reading, but finding or making the time for it the rest of the year is hard for me. We're about two weeks in to summer break...

  • Summer Incentives

    Summer Incentives

    Summer is here and we are so ready for it! Although I’ve been a stay at home mom for many years now, switching from summer to school mode is always an adjustment and takes us a few days to fall...

  • Fostering Childhood Independence

    Fostering Childhood Independence

      My 2.5 year old does his own laundry, puts dishes away, cleans up his own toys, and pretty much doesn’t need me anymore… HA! We can dream, some dreams are bigger than others. It doesn’t mean they aren’t possible,...