Four thoughtful and practical gifts for a new mom

Four thoughtful and practical gifts for a new mom

It feels as though from the New Year through Spring time is baby season, am I right? Since I'm all done having babies myself, I am all for baby season! In fact, babies and thoughtful gift giving are probably two of my most favorite things on the entire planet. So of course i'm excited for today's topic...thoughtful gifts for a new mom!


It wasn't until that I had my third baby that I received my first "mom present". I had always been showered with love and goodies for my new baby by my friends and family. And I appreciated it so much! But one of my friends and a fellow seasoned mom knew that I likely didn't need another onesie on my third go-round. So instead, she gave ME a gift, and I remember feeling to loved and seen, that I cried with appreciation (Or hormones. Probably both.)

I've always kept that feeling with me, and when a friend has a new baby, I of course give them something for baby, but I also focus my love on putting something together just for mom. 

Here are four thoughtful gift ideas that you can easily replicate:



Becoming a mom for the first time is magical. We are excited and nervous and anxious. We pour ourselves into that new little life, which often times can leave us feeling depleted, whether we realize it or not. I remember being so nervous with my first, wanting to do everything for her myself but also worrying about every little thing. If a friend showed up on my doorstep with a little self care package for me, I probably would have cried, again. Bonus: invite yourself over to snuggle baby, and insist mom go run herself a hot bath and brew a cup of tea, and tell her to stay in there as long as she wants. A bath can't change the world, but it can cure a whole lot!

{Tea + honey stick, drink cup, bath bomb, and a Thieves essential oil roller}

TWO: FOR THE TIRED MAMA (aka: every Mom in existence!)

Fact: New moms don't get a lot of sleep. That's just the way it is. And while we can't change that, we can encourage our friend to get the best rest that she can. In between middle of the night feedings, she can pull on some cozy socks, roll lavender oil on her wrists, and cover her eyes with a soft sleep mask. Let's help her maximize her sleep while she can get it!

{Cozy socks, sleep mask, lavender essential oil roller, cute bedside bag}


This is a thoughtful gift for any mom, whether she's just had her first or fourth baby. I love this book, as it reminds us that the simple things are the things that matter most of all. And an accompanying journal or notebook is always useful to jot down those fletting thoughts, to dos, and grocery lists that often get pushed to the back burner during the early days of having a new baby in the house.

{The Magic of Motherhood book, journal/notebook, pen}


This one might be my very favorite, probably because it resonates with me the most. Having 4 kids myself, I am definitely an on the go Mama! We all know that diaper bags are chock full of necessities for baby, but what about mom? We have our mishaps too! I loved keeping a bag of items for myself in the diaper bag, so that I always knew I had some basics, and didn't need to remember to pack them each time I left the house. And actually, after gathering these items for a photo, I zipped them all up right in this pouch and put them in my own backpack!

{Snacks for mom (things that are hearty, filling, and offer good nutrients), hand sanitizer, hair ties, multipurpose salve (I like this one that can serve as chapstick, lotion, even diaper rash cream in a pinch!), Shout wipes (because spit up is bound to happen), and a perfume essential oil roller (for those mornings when you just didn't have time for a shower), cute makeup or travel pouch}

There you have it! If you have other creative and thoughtful gifts that you like to give, please share your ideas! I am always inspired by new ones. Later this month I will share some of my favorite go-to baby gifts!

Wishing you a happy baby season!




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