Happy September!

Happy September!

Happy September friends! Are you so excited for fall? I can never pick a favorite season, but rather I live for the CHANGE of seasons! It feels so refreshing and there are parts I love and look forward to with every one!  

September is here, and let’s just say...Let the adventure begin! My kids start hybrid homeschool this week, and today is packed full of meet the teachers, open houses, and we’re even squeezing in a few well child doctor visits. This is pretty much going to be my go to outfit this fall, I already know it. It’s a hard switch from that comfy, at home, pajama wearing life, but this outfit makes me feel put together while still maximizing the cozy factor! 

How many of you snagged this Midwest Mama sweatshirt? Hop over to the Friends of Bumbelou Facegroup page and show me how you’re styling it this fall!



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