Missing Mom - A Creative Memento

Missing Mom - A Creative Memento

 Alma, my youngest, started preschool this year. On the first day she was so excited, walked right in to her classroom and didn't even look back! Wow, I thought! That was easy! I should have known better. After a few days, the new reality and routine had settled in, and she realized what preschool meant: Mom is not there.

During the second week of school, as we approached drop off, her little eyes would well up with tears and she would tell me "I'm going to miss you!". As I drove back home one day, I thought there has got to be something small that she can take with her each day, to look at when she's feeling sad, and be reminded that I love her so much and I'll be back for her in no time. Rummaging through my craft supplies, I came up with just the thing. She gobbled it right up (not literally, of course)! She told me that when she looked at the heart on the bracelet, she remembered me. 

It's such a simple little thing, but it brings us both comfort. For her, knowing that i'm not far away, and for me, knowing that she's not going to be sad the entire three hours we're apart. That's a win in my parenting book!


DIY supplies: elastic string, letter beads, small wooden beads. All of these supplies can be found at any major craft store. 



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