My New Years Card to You

My New Years Card to You

Hey friend, 2019 was a year to remember. I'm usually one to only look forward, but there was lots to celebrate from the past year. Here are some highlights.


Jan 31st 2019 - The Mankato, MN store flooded when a water pipe burst during one of the coldest weeks of the year. A lot of faith and hard work happened to get us back up and running.... but of course we persisted because we LOVE our work! 


April 1st 2019 - We celebrated our grand reopening with the Easter bunny and lots of fun memories. Our community helped us celebrate with a donation drive to CADA.


June - August 2019 - We took Bumbelou all over to art fairs and met so many of YOU!! It was a busy season doing more traveling shows that I've ever done before. Our team kept things going at the shop and in production!


October 2019 - I traveled to market and discovered some great new brands to partner with for late 2019 and 2020. Brining new and thoughtful things to Bumbelou is such a passion of mine! Looking forward to more trips in 2020.


November 8th 2019 - The New Ulm, MN store had it's opening day with much success and we rolled into our biggest holiday season yet! Our team grew to 9 and it has been such wonderful and seamless transition. 


We are wrapping up a year that I will never forget. It was beautiful, full of growth, challenging at the same time.... and I don't think I would change a thing about it! Thank you so much for supporting us in 2019! Knowing that we have an opportunity to create impact through Bumbelou's mission of giving back 10%, we hope, plan, and work hard towards even more in 2020 and beyond. 


From our family and the Bumbelou team, Cheers to 2020!!

xo, Jenna 

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