Organize your day and calm your mind

Organize your day and calm your mind

Often times, my brain works way faster than my body can keep up. Do you know the children's story, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie? That's me. I'll start one thing, then I'll remember something else, which leads to another thing, and pretty soon I've started a heap of projects and accomplished nothing. In the end I wind up feeling anxious and scrambled, which is not a good way to feel.

I started using this daily docket a few years ago, and when my brain starts to spiral, this saves me. I print a bunch at a time and keep them handy on a clipboard, so they are always ready to go when I need one. I roll on some essential oils, take a few deep breaths, and sit down long enough to fill this out and organize my brain. Then I can get to work which a much clearer plan for my day!

 If you'd like to try it too, you can get it here



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