The summer of quarantine

The summer of quarantine

To say this summer has been different is an understatement. There is so much heaviness and uncertainty in the world right now, and it’s all just sitting like a rock in my stomach. Some days I manage to carry it just fine, and other days it all just feels too heavy to bear. I am a homebody by nature, so at the start of all this I didn’t mind all the extra time spent at home. But the further we get into this quarantine/social distancing summer, I’m realizing I just miss our pre-March life. I catch little glimpses of that former life, and it just leaves me wanting more. 

I was mapping out the remainder of summer last week, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around that it’s nearly 2/3 over! We’ve barely done any of our usual summer fun activities, but then again, many of them we can’t do right now. I’m determined to maximize the rest of these precious days together before the weather turns cool, so I dug this “bucket list” out of storage and let the kids pick out activities that we can easily do from home or while social distancing. What I love about bucket lists is that you can make them whatever you want, and kids are just happy to be doing anything “special” so they don’t really care if you’re having a picnic in the backyard versus a trip to the local pool. 

Here’s a little look at ours.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been doing to make this summer special under the circumstances!

Hang in there friends. I know we’re living in weird times but I do believe one day we will look back on this time with full hearts and fond memories. The chance to slow down is rare, so let’s make the most of it.



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