To School or Not To School

To School or Not To School

To school or not to school...that is the I right?! I was anxiously awaiting the governor’s big announcement/recommendation for school last week, and let’s just say it didn’t really give us any answers. We’re still waiting for our district to roll out details as to what school will look like this fall, and the wait is driving me crazy! I am a planner and not being able to do so is weighing on me. But one thing I’ve been trying very hard to do during this whole pandemic is to not project my worries and concerns onto my kids. My kids are 100% hoping to go back to school in person, and I’m going to do everything I can to foster that hope and positive mindset. 

I’ve decided we’re going to prepare for the school year just like we would any other year, and that way we’re ready for any scenario. Here’s a few ways we’re preparing for school, whatever that will end up looking like.

First, I’ve decided to go ahead and buy our school supplies. The back to school section at Target has been calling my name since July, and I can’t resist it much longer. I don’t know if we’re going to need them or not, but at least we’ll have them and be ready! 

Yesterday I printed off everyone’s list (I have four kids in three different schools this year), and tallied up all the common items like glue sticks and pencils. I ordered all that online at Target, just to streamline things and keep it all straight! Next I made each of my kids a personalized list of what they need for their specific grade, such as notebooks and folders. That’s the fun stuff to pick out, so we’re going to hit Target in person and they can choose to suit their personalities. 

Next, I spent some time cleaning out and organizing our school lunch supplies. My kids typically like to bring lunches from home anyway, which is a good thing since it looks like that’s what will be the standard if they do go back to in person learning. I tossed our old gross lunchbox cases, placed an order for new ones (we have used and loved Planet Box for six years now!), and picked up a few cute new containers from the Target dollar spot. Packing lunches can quickly become a chore for me, but I’ve found that adding in little unexpected touches keeps it fresh for all of us. 

And lastly, I know that our model of learning can change at any time. Even if my kids go back to school in September, we could just as easily be sent right back to learning from home. I’ve set aside a basket at home and am gradually filling it with activities and resources. So far, this is mostly for my preschooler, so I can get her set up for a little activity while I help my older kids. I have so much of this stuff already (remember, I was a Kindergarten teacher in my former life!) but putting it all in one designated space makes it easily accessible. The Target dollar spot is crushing it this year with the perfect activities for this age group! I hope to share some more of those specific items over on the Friends of Bumbelou Facebook page in the coming days. 

Again, I don’t know what school will look like for us, or even what I’ll choose to do once the guidelines are laid out in front of me. But starting to prepare brings me a little sense of peace and reassures me that I’ll be prepared when the time comes. How are you preparing for back to school? I’d love to know!



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