3 tips to Prepare Little Ones for Stress Free Family Photos

If you are anything like me, getting your kids ready for family photos is less than fun. I used to stress about finding the perfect outfits, having everyone's hair done, getting there on time, and avoiding unforeseen tantrums. It would throw me off and my kids could see right through that. Sometimes I think my kids can see my mood better than I can! 

Stress Free Family Photos

After working with some pros in preparing for Bumbelou photo shoots I've learned some invaluable tips. Here are 3 tips my friend Kelly, mom of twin 4 year old boys, and pro photographer at Kelly Scholl Photography shared with me. 

1. Clothing
When you are getting your kiddos dressed for pictures, think simple and timeless. Crazy patterns and loud colors are great for every day fun, but you want your child's sweet face and personality to shine through in their photos. Skip the neon, graphic T's and stay away from anything with printed words. 

2. Schedule
Always take your schedule into consideration. You may be able to fly by the seat of your pants, but children thrive on routine. Avoid nap time and meal times for your session. Pack a snack just in case, but make sure it's something that won't melt, and isn't sticky. Don't forget some wet wipes to clean little hands and wipe chins.

3. Have fun!
Probably most important, relax! Your little ones can read your mood, if you are stressed out they will be too. So take a deep breath, and enjoy yourself! The best smiles and most genuine photos come when you are having fun and forgetting the camera is there. 

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